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Fibertec™ 1023

Rapid determination of dietary fiber

The Fibertec™ 1023 is designed for rapid and rational determination of dietary fiber according to established enzymatic methods, including those approved by AOAC, AACC, NMKL and Asp. The Fibertec™ 1023 determines total dietary fiber as well as insoluble and soluble fibers separately. It includes a shaking water bath and a filtration module for quantitative determination of diertary fiber in a variety of sample types.

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Total Dietary Fibre (TDF), Insoluble Dietary Fibre (IDF), Soluble Dietary Fibre (SDF)

Sample types

Food and Food ingredients
Laboratory solutions

Method/principle of analysis

With Fibertec, single or sequential extractions including boiling, use of internally preheated reagents, rinsing and filtration are performed batch wise under reproducible and controlled conditions.

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Laboratory solutions

Fibertec 8000 - the fully automated solution

The fully automated Fibertec 8000 solution from Tecator Line provides official method results with unrivalled accuracy. Free your lab resources with the lowest operator time of any fibre solution while operating the safest fibre analysis solution available for Crude fibre, ADF, ADL and NDF.

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