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Hydrotec™ 8000

Fully automated hydrolysis without sample transfer

The Hydrotec™ 8000 is ideal for the busy laboratory requiring high throughput of samples. It is an innovative fully automated system that performs automated acid hydrolysis without sample transfer. It has a small footprint and unique batch-handling features.


Hydrolysis, pre step for Total fat determination

Sample types

Processed food and feed samples that contain bound fat

Method/Principle of analysis

For total fat determination, the sample is treated under heating with hydrochloric acid. Hydrolysis makes chemically or mechanically bound fats accessible to solvent extraction. The mixture is cooled and filtered. The residue is washed and dried and submitted to the above extraction procedure.

Unique Hydrocap single use filter system

The hydrolysis stage is often considered the bottleneck in total fat analysis because a limited flow of samples here means limited flow in the subsequent extraction phase. The patented Hydrocap filter system is stable in acids and organic solvents even at high temperatures. Filter materials retain fat constituents during hydrolysis and releases Total Fat quantatively during the automated solvent extraction.

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Faster operations with sample transfer

The virtually seamless sample transfer from hydrolysis to extraction improves speed by reducing manual handling and avoids potential human error while the high capacity throughput improves your overall response time.

Integrated hydrolysis and extraction

The unique Hydrocap filter system and the innovative Soxtec™ and Hydrotec™ 8000 products set a new standard for automated Total Fat analysis. It is ideal for laboratories demanding automation, high capacity and after hours operations.

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