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SC 247 SoxCap™

Manual and simple hydrolysis without sample transfer

The SC 247 SoxCap is a simple solution for total fat analysis in food and feed. Hydrolysis, filtration and washing are performed in a closed vessel, eliminating contact with hot hydrolysis solution and with minimum manual handling using batch handling tools.


Hydrolysis, pre step for Total fat determination

Sample types

Processed food and feed samples that contain bound fat

Method/Principle of analysis

For total fat determination, the sample is treated under heating with hydrochloric acid. Hydrolysis makes chemically or mechanically bound fats accessible to solvent extraction. The mixture is cooled and filtered. The residue is washed and dried and submitted to the above extraction procedure.

Hydrotec 8000

Upgrade to full automation with the Hydrotec 8000

For the busy laboratory requiring high throughput of samples the Hydrotec™ 8000 is ideal. This fully automated system from the FOSS Tecator Line performs automated acid hydrolysis without sample transfer.

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